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Ten Projects Awarded as Part of DRI Process

Governor Kathy Hochul has announced a $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative award for 10 transformational projects in the Village of Haverstraw. The projects will focus on improving the village’s historical, cultural, and natural resources, as well as increasing walkability. The award will support locally-led initiatives to rejuvenate Haverstraw’s downtown, including the development of housing, businesses, and improved recreational opportunities. The funding will be used to support several goals and strategies outlined in the community’s Strategic Investment Plan, including enhancing walkability and connectivity to the waterfront and public places, increasing arts and cultural amenities, and expanding business and housing opportunities.

Projects Awarded:

Enhancing Walkability and Connectivity to the Waterfront and Public Places

Extending a Public Trail and Stabilizing the Shoreline to Support Reuse of the Chair Factory Site - DRI Award: $4,000,000
Construct a 3,000 linear foot walkway and stabilize shoreline with riprap and native plantings around the former Chair Factory site to support future mixed-use and mixed-income development.

Improving Connectivity with Construction of a Multimodal Ferry Station - DRI Award: $200,000
Construct a shelter at the base of the NY Waterway Ferry Dock with multimodal transit options.

Enhancing the Village's Outdoor Recreation Area - DRI Award: $400,000
Construct two new public full-court basketball courts next to the Haverstraw Center to integrate into the surrounding park and outdoor recreation area.

Increasing Arts and Cultural Amenities

Restoring and Expanding the Haverstraw Brick Museum - DRI Award: $1,500,000
Renovate and expand the Haverstraw Brick Museum, including restoring an 1880s basement, and adding two new floors focusing on education, innovation and research, with a new rooftop garden.

Creating Educational Opportunities Through Installation of Harriet Tubman Statue - DRI Award: $201,000
Install a permanent Harriet Tubman statue, improve accessibility and enhance landscaping at the Haverstraw African American Memorial Park.

Enhancing Main Street Through Installation of Murals - DRI Award: $180,000
Create four murals in downtown Haverstraw at 2, 21 and 45 Main Street and 10 Rockland Street.

Expanding Business and Housing Opportunities

Revitalizing 49 West Broad Street with New Mixed-Use Development - DRI Award: $1,677,000
Redevelop blighted site with a 5-story mixed-use building with approximately 55 residential units, café, and community space.

Establishing a Brewpub in Historic Stone Building - DRI Award: $665,000
Repurpose ground floor of Stone Building as a brewery and restaurant for the Stoneyard Brewing Company.

Establishing a Downtown Façade Restoration Fund - DRI Award: $577,000
Establish a downtown façade restoration fund to preserve and restore commercial and mixed-use buildings in the downtown.

Establishing and Implementing a Branding, Marketing, and Wayfinding Initiative - DRI Award: $300,000
Establish and implement a branding and marketing initiative with wayfinding signage to help support locally owned businesses, boost tourism, enhance placemaking, and encourage walkability.

For the full article, please visit the official post from the governor.

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